Change Log


  1. Fix compatibility issue with on macOS Sonoma.

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  1. Improve accessibility.

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  1. Fix add extension may added two item in extension list.
  2. Fix AppleScript extensions failed to execute (We suggest users to remove and re-add .scpt extensions).

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  1. Fix user cannot remove item from Menu Blacklist.
  2. Better Ventura support.

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  1. Improve compatibility with Adobe InDesign.

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  1. A new big sur style icon.
  2. Show hidden menu items (which are usually visible when press option key).
  3. Improve compatibility with other applications, like Figma.
  4. Other small bug fix.

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  1. Native support for Big Sur and Apple Silicon (M1).
  2. Fix menu rule not working in some app like Google Chrome.
  3. Small bug fix and typo fix.


  1. Fix extensions not loaded in non-English locale.


  1. Support fast user switching: Allow Paletro running for multiple users at the same time.
  2. Reduce the chance of Paletro not showing when kicking hotkeys.


  1. Fix small typos.
  2. Fix some stability issues.

1.1.0 Stability Improvement

  1. Improve app stability.

1.0.0 Hello World

  1. First release of Paletro 🎉🎉🎉.